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What effort do you make to make inspire, bless, celebrate or even just smile to the person across?

Song Lyrics….UBUNTU

I am because you are because we are,
UBUNTU kwa kila mtu.

So look around you and study society,
look around your neighbours friends and family,
Does everyone strive to be true,
or do we just want to make do?
The truth shall set you free they say,
but how many of us live up to that way?
Soon enough it will be a blessing in disguise….
Once we compromise with the wise

It’s the way, it aint no other way
It’s the only way that we can save the day….
…her name is UBUNTU

can’t you see that what you do to her you do to you and me,
Or how long will it take for you to see?
…..her name is UBUNTU

But they don’t seem to find a way
But UBUNTU will save the day!

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